No Deposit Bonuses at RTG Casinos

Gamblers can incur significant losses or enjoy substantial wins, but no deposit offers are a risk-free way of trying to finish ahead. We've summarised some of the no deposit bonus types you may be able to find at RTG casinos.

What is an RTG Casino?

Just to cover this quickly, RTG casinos are gambling sites that offer games made by software firm Realtime Gaming. Their product suite includes mobile, instant play and download games, slots and table games, and they're one of the software giants powering the online gambling industry in the US and around the world.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit promotions can be found on casino websites. A convenient alternative is to check review sites, which frequently put together lists of available promotions from numerous casinos. This way, you can more quickly compare deals and find which one you prefer.

To activate a bonus, just get the code from the casino or review site, create an account, and enter the code (usually in the cashier section). It's also worth noting that sometimes a special offer is automatically activated when you sign up, with no code necessary.

Free spins are a frequent bonus you might find. Typically worth a moderate amount ($30-50, say), these free spins will be tied to a specific slots game. Free credits work in precisely the same way, only the bonus is tied to another sort of game. More flexible than these is free cash, which can be used for any eligible games and might include a variety of slots, table games, and so forth.

The above three no deposit promotions are all quite similar, but there's another free cash promo that works a bit differently. It's for a larger sum but comes with a strict time limit attached. The player has that time to try and finish ahead. When the clock runs down, any winnings are kept by the player, and the free cash vanishes.

Potential Requirements

Every silver lining has a cloud, and promotions are no exception. The wagering or playthrough requirement is almost universal for withdrawing winnings that come from a special offer. This requirement entails placing bets worth many times (often around 30-40 times) the value of a bonus. Free spins worth $50 might have a wagering requirement of $1,600, for example. This prevents players immediately cashing out a cash bonus, or getting lucky with a first spin and withdrawing right away. One thing to bear in mind for free cash is that different games might have different wagering requirement rates. Slots usually pay out 100% but table games can often be significantly lower (so $2 on poker might contribute just $1 to the wagering requirement). Be sure to check the details of any particular promotion you go for.

Another very common restriction is the withdrawal cap. Again, this applies to almost every promo (if you happen to find one without these restrictions that might be a very good deal). A withdrawal cap is a ceiling, often a few hundred dollars, which limits the maximum potential winnings you can make from a promotion. If you find yourself over or near the cap but short of the wagering requirement, it can be as well to pour money into a high RTP (return to player) slots game so you can meet the requirement with minimal losses.

RTG casinos provide a great variety of games, and no deposit promotions are a risk-free way to enjoy them. Give the pros and cons due attention to find the right offer for you.